Welcome to PunApps


What is PunApps?

PunApps is a collection of web applications and services that will be available to all Punahou Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Alumni. Our current bundle includes Mail, Calendar & Contacts. More applications will be coming soon. Since PunApps is powered by Google, the interface will seem very familiar to people who use Gmail and Google Calendar.

All your email has been transferred over from your ePunahou account to your new PunApps account. You still have the same email address, but you now have an account that has many new features like a larger quota (7 Gigabytes), mobile access via Blackberry and iPhone, syncing with Google Calendar and iCal or Outlook and Google’s reputable search engine for finding the email you need quickly.

We recommend NEW users to begin with the “Getting Started” guides to better understand how the PunApps work.

Listed below are the system requirements to run PunApps:

System Requirements

PC Computers

Operating System:

Windows XP or Vista with the latest service pack

Web Browser:

Internet Explorer 7.x, Firefox 3.x and Java 1.5 or better installed

Mac Computers

Operating System:

Mac OS X Leopard 10.5.3+, or Tiger 10.4.11

Web Browser:

Safari 3.1.1+, Firefox 3.x

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